Register for the NanoMed final symposium 4 June 2019

Registration for the public part of the NanoMed Final Symposium is now open! In the afternoon of June 4th, 2019 we have a program with several leading experts in the NanoMedicine field and you are cordially invited to join us.

The program for this afternoon is as follows:

Schedule for NanoMed symposium. See below for a pdf version.

Download the pdf of the program here.

Participation is free, but registration is mandatory at We hope to see you there!

For the avoidance of doubt: this is for the public part of the program. Those who are involved in the NanoMed network don’t need to register through this link for the full program of 3-4 June.

The location can be a bit hard to find.

Luna Corona is in building 31 on this map of TU/e Campus. It is right next door to the Hubble Community Café at where we will have the ‘borrel’. For those of you who know your way around campus: it is near the larger Spar supermarket.

By public transport and by foot: It’s a 10-15 minute walk from the Eindhoven railway station; you can follow these directions.

By car: Parking is nearby on P5 and P2 (see the map) but paid and often crowded. Find route instructions here, and once on campus follow signposting to Luna (Residence Camelot) LUN 31 where available, otherwise navigate to street name De Lampendriessen, Eindhoven.

3-4 June 2019 NanoMed final symposium, Eindhoven

June 3-4, 2019 the final NanoMed symposium will be held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. There is a public part (registration mandatory) on the afternoon of June 4th. Watch this space for further updates.

19-20 November 2018: Next NanoMed meeting at Synthon and ChemConnection

The next NanoMed meeting will be held at partner Synthon and beneficiary ChemConnection in November. During this meeting there will be training sessions and lectures which we, with the help of our company partners, will focus on business development, the formation and management of a start-up company, intellectual property aspects, licensing, regulatory aspects, et cetera.

19 December 2017: NanoMed Midterm Review

Tuesday, December 19th is the NanoMed Midterm Review date.

18 December 2017: NanoMed Midterm Review preparation and network day

On Monday, December 18th the NanoMed network will come together in Eindhoven for network activities and the preparation of the Midterm Review meeting.

4-7 December 2017: SFNano Bordeaux

NanoMed fellows will take part in, and present at, the Annual Meeting of the French Society for Nanomedicine. Preceding the official meeting there will be an additional course program aimed at the NanoMed ESR’s.

NanoMed Midterm Review meeting

On December 19th, 2017 NanoMed had its Midterm Review meeting in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. On the day before the NanoMed network had a meeting to prepare for the presentation of the progress of NanoMed.

Vacancy for a NanoMed fellow

A position for a NanoMed fellow in Ghent, Belgium, has opened. More information, eligibility requirements and instructions for application can be found on the website of the University of Ghent.

Early Stage Researcher (PhD Candidate) for the NANOMED Innovative Training Network within the Marie Sklodowska Curie Programme

Last application date: Oct 21, 2017 23:59

Second Progress Meeting Ghent, September 2017

We will have the next NanoMed Progress Meeting in Ghent, on September 18th 2017. For the ESRs this will be combined with the NanoMed business modelling workshop and the f-Tales conference that takes place in the days after the meeting.

The meeting will take place in Het Pand in Ghent.

A picture of meeting location Het Pand in Ghent

A picture of meeting location Het Pand in Ghent

Eindhoven University of Technology

Department of Biomedical Engineering, Bio-Organic Chemistry group

As of September 2016 prof. Jan van Hest holds the chair of Bio-organic Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology. The group’s focus is to develop well-defined compartments for nanomedicine and artificial cell research. Using a combination of techniques from polymer science to protein engineering, well-defined carriers and scaffolds are developed for application in e.g. cancer treatment, immunology and ophthalmology.

Website: Bio-Organic Chemistry

ESR 1: Polymersomes via direct hydration method

ESR 2: Polymer micelles based on elastin-like polypeptides

ESR 3: Particle shape effects

First Progress Meeting London, February 2017

The first NANOMED progress meeting was hosted 6-8 february 2017 by Imperial College London (UK). All ERS students were present accompanied by their supervisors and a good representation of the consortium partners.

Several members of the NANOMED Advisory Board attended the meeting and gave their expert opinions on the project’s progress and future.

A group of NANOMED ESR students and supervisors posing for a picture in Imperial College, London

All NANOMED ESR students, their supervisors and members of the Advisory Board during the first progress meeting in London


NANOMED ESR Students and their supervisors discussing posters with scientific results

NANOMED ESR students present posters on their first period of work in the program

All 15 NANOMED ESR students enjoying a meal in an Italian restaurant

NANOMED ESR students having dinner during first progress meeting in London

6-8 february 2017 : NanoMed meeting London

NanoMed fellows and principal scientists will meet in London for a progress meeting and the continuation of the course program. Moreover we are honoured to host the first meeting of the NanoMed Advisory Board and get the board members’ advice on progress and future of the program.

All positions filled

We are happy to report that all NANOMED positions have been filled. The  website will be updated to reflect this, showing profiles for all ESRs.

Kick Off Meeting

From Wednesday the 6th of July till Friday the 8th of July 2016 the NANOMED Kick Off Meeting took place in Berg en Dal and Nijmegen.  14 ESRs joined the kick off meeting and the lectures that took place at Radboud University, Faculty of Science.


Pre Kick-Off Meeting

25 November 2015 there was a pre Kick-Off meeting for the NANOMED project at Schiphol airport, The Netherlands.

The following people attended this meeting:

  1. Radboud University: Jan van Hest, Dennis Löwik, Martijn Verdoes, Susanna Bicknell, Bart Linssen
  2. University of Utrecht: Wim Hennink
  3. University of Ghent: Stefaan de Smedt, Koen Raemdonck
  4. Imperial College London: Benjamin Pierce
  5. University of Helsinki: Arto Urtii
  6. University of Bordeaux: Sébastien Lecommandoux, Elisabeth Garanger
  7. ChemConnection: Gerjan Kemperman, Silvie Meeuwissen

From the partner organizations:

  1. Synthon: Michel Eppink
  2. Retina International: Christina Fasser
  3. Enceladus: Bart Metselaar