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First Progress Meeting London, February 2017

The first NANOMED progress meeting was hosted 6-8 february 2017 by Imperial College London (UK). All ERS students were present accompanied by their supervisors and a good representation of the consortium partners.

Several members of the NANOMED Advisory Board attended the meeting and gave their expert opinions on the project’s progress and future.

A group of NANOMED ESR students and supervisors posing for a picture in Imperial College, London

All NANOMED ESR students, their supervisors and members of the Advisory Board during the first progress meeting in London


NANOMED ESR Students and their supervisors discussing posters with scientific results

NANOMED ESR students present posters on their first period of work in the program

All 15 NANOMED ESR students enjoying a meal in an Italian restaurant

NANOMED ESR students having dinner during first progress meeting in London